We’re Mobilizing Kentuckians to Be the Voice for Kids

Kentuckians overwhelmingly support investing in our kids, ensuring they have a strong start in life.

Research shows the first five years of children’s lives are critically important for their development, making early childhood education and adequate nutrition vital.

Join us in laying the groundwork for Kentucky's future.

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"I dedicate myself to advocating for kids in tough situations – those grappling with hunger, limited resources, or educational barriers, struggles I've personally faced. But now, my mission is to be their champion. Seeing kids succeed, healthy, educated, and cared for is what drives me. At the end of the day, I always reflect on my grandmother's words: 'Make sure the work you did today was worth doing.' It's a reminder that guides me and keeps me focused." – Tammy Meador, SCAN Volunteer

Leadership in Kentucky

Sara Hall (She/Her)

Kentucky State Manager

Sara, a seasoned organizer, lobbyist, and dedicated grassroots advocate, brings extensive experience to her role at SCAN.

Her journey in community organizing began with early engagement in local activism, where she developed her skills and passion for advocacy.

Prior to joining SCAN, Sara's efforts were primarily focused on protecting reproductive rights in the Commonwealth. She earned her BA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Louisville, with a focus on Women and Gender Studies and Political Science.


Pearlie Eversole (She/Her)

Family Engagement Senior Associate

Pearlie, a lifelong resident of Perry County, brings over thirty-five years of dedicated community service to her role at SCAN.

Before joining the organization, she played an important role at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food, and Consumer Science, helping low-income families adopt healthier cooking habits.

Currently pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education at Hazard Community and Technical College, she is excited to continue her mission of advocating for and supporting local families in her community.