Early Childhood Education

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Investing in early childhood education includes evidence-based home visiting, high-quality pre-K and child care programs for children from birth until age 5. It is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle of poverty.

Studies show that children who receive a high-quality early education are 20% more likely to graduate from high school and, on average, earn a 50% higher income.

What We’re Doing     

Through a combination of government relations, communications and grassroots activism, we build relationships policymakers and mobilize the public to increase investments in high-quality early childhood education.

We empower our grassroots network of hundreds of thousands of supporters to raise their voices and lobby their local, state and federal lawmakers to invest in kids. By joining together, we become a force that turns advocacy into policy wins.

Prioritize Kids

Miabella sits on her mom, Frances', lap in her daycare center in Florida."

Help Parents Return to Work

Help parents return to work by rebuilding the child care industry

While the economy is slowly rebuilding from the pandemic, millions of parents – especially moms – are unable to go back to work without child care options for their kids. Send a message to your members of Congress: we can’t rebuild our economy without rebuilding the child care industry!

Young girl in Head Start program

Act Now for Education

Urge Congress to Increase Funding for Head Start

Our nation’s 1,600 Head Start programs have put in extra efforts to ensure they could keep kids learning while staying safe. Now, we need to help ensure Head Start is able to continue meeting the needs of our littlest learners after the pandemic is over. Send a message today!

Young girl in child care program

Send a message to your legislators

Dezirae and Harmony

Take Action

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Spring into Advocacy!

While it can be tricky to advocate during these times, there are ways to safely and effectively be a voice for kids. As we welcome a new season with a fresh start, we’ve got a few ways you can “spring” into advocacy.  


COVID-19: A Year in Reflection

After nearly a year since the pandemic began, we checked-in with a few of our advocates to hear what the recently passed American Rescue Plan means for their community and what they look forward to as we work to rebuild our economy.