West Virginia

West Virginia

We’re Mobilizing West Virginians to Be the Voice for Kids

West Virginians overwhelmingly support investing in our kids to make sure they have a strong start in life and that they grow healthy.

Research shows the first five years of a child’s life is critically important for their development, which makes early childhood education and adequate nutrition vital.

Join us to ensure all children have what they need to succeed in school and life!

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“It felt really good to use my voice on behalf of myself and others in my shoes. I learned that a lot of lawmakers do care about programs that help families and want to help fund them. I also learned that they did want to hear what I had to say.” - Rheagan Belcher, Family Engagement Advocate

Leadership in West Virginia

Ellie O’Keefe (She/Her)

West Virginia Senior Associate, Family Engagement

Prior to working with SCAN, she spent time working directly with children and their families in early childhood education and as a youth librarian in public libraries in several states across the country.

She firmly believes that providing quality care, education and resources for families benefits everyone in a community.

Now that she has a toddler of her own, her call to advocate for the best possible future for every child is even stronger. She is eager to ensure that the voices of West Virginian parents and caregivers are heard and valued so that every child has a strong start in life.

Email: eokeefe@savechildren.org