Help End Family Detention and Separation

The stories and images of children forcibly separated from their parents at the southern border
– or in family detention centers – are heart wrenching. It’s time for the Trump administration and
Congress to put the needs of children first by ending these inhumane practices.

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Families Belong Together

Urge Congress to End Family Detention and Separation

Thousands of children taken from their parents at the southern border have yet to be reunited and families may be held in detention centers indefinitely. Congress must step up and stop this cruel and inhumane treatment of children! Urge Congress to put children’s needs first.

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ABC News Interviews Carolyn Miles on the U.S. Border Crisis

“Separating a child from his or her family unnecessarily is inhumane, traumatic and simply put, unacceptable. The cruel act of separation can cause severe negative social and emotional consequences for the children and their families in the days, months and years ahead.” — Carolyn Miles, CEO of Save the Children