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Farm Bill

We’re pushing Congress to build a better Farm Bill.

The Farm Bill is our greatest defense against the hunger crisis, reaching communities in the U.S. and around the world. Its long-term and emergency programs share one simple goal: ensuring access to nutritious food.

But food insecurity is on the rise, and families need stronger support. Right now, 153 million kids are going hungry — including 13 million here at home.

What does the Farm Bill do?

Funds the Largest U.S. Nutrition Program

41 million people rely on benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – and 36% are children.

Reaches Families In Rural America

84% of counties with the highest rates of food insecurity are in remote areas.

Fuels Growing Minds And Bodies

When Kids Are Properly Nourished, Their Development, Emotional Health And Academic Performance Thrives.

Empowers Families To Feed Themselves

International Resilience-Building Programs Provide Communities With Farm Equipment, Agricultural Loans, Business Training And More.

Saves Lives When Disaster Strikes

Immediate Emergency Aid Keeps Millions Of Kids And Families From Going Hungry In Times Of Crisis.

Proactively Prevents Future Crises

Every $1 Spent On Snap Puts Up To $1.80 Back Into Local Economies — And Every $1 Invested In Sustainable Food Programs Saves $3 In Humanitarian Aid.

How To Build A Better Farm Bill?

In The U.S.

PROTECT SNAP: With the cost of food rising, families can’t afford to lose benefits. 

PRESERVE CHOICE: Recipients must be able to purchase the right meals for their kids. 

MAKE SNAP ACCESSIBLE: Rural families should be allowed to enroll in SNAP by telephone. 

Around the Globe

FUND RESILIENCE-BUILDING: Helping families feed themselves breaks the cycle of hunger. 

STRENGTHEN PROGRAMS: We must invest in making more communities self-reliant. 

CONTINUE EMERGENCY AID: Urgent support has to reach those who need it most. 

Shawn Millsaps

Help Break the Silence on Hunger

Tell Congress to Protect SNAP

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a lifeline, helping hungry families get by. But the cost of food is rising, and benefits aren’t stretching as far as they should.

Get Fed Up With Child Hunger

Volunteer with SCAN to raise awareness and inspire lasting change. Advocate, fundraise, engage your community and even meet with Congress! Don’t worry — we’ll provide the tools you need to be a powerful champion for children.

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Here’s the inside scoop on why the Farm Bill matters — and how you can help. 

“I advocate for SCAN because I’ve seen so many people suffer under unjust laws. If this country wants to make sure everyone has food, change needs to happen.” – Tyler, dad and SNAP recipient from Iowa

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Shawn Millsaps

Shawn Millsaps

Heading to Nashville to Fight Hunger

Shawn Millsaps

Help Break the Silence on Child Hunger
Fight for Stronger Food Aid Programs

Shawn Millsaps

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a lifeline, helping hungry families get by.

Tell Congress: 153 million children are going hungry. Build a better Farm Bill today!