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Full-day kindergarten needed now in county

As an early education advocate and former teacher, I know how critical quality learning is to children’s long-term success. This is why I was thrilled to hear Governor Polis say that his administration’s “mission and mandate…is to provide every single child with a quality early education.”

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New Cabinet agency would grow pre-K right

New Mexico’s long-term economic growth depends upon our ability to educate our children well and prepare them for college and successful careers. Education is key to economic development. It can break the cycle of poverty in families and communities and produce the dynamic, innovative and skilled workforce that an economy needs to thrive.

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Letter: Powerful step

The company Ingevity is donating $400,000 to an early childhood education program in the Lowcountry. As a volunteer with Save the Children Action Network, I want to extend kudos to Ingevity for understanding the potential of investing in our earliest learners and our community.

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