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Kids, a Winning Investment

More states and municipalities are recognizing the benefits of early education and child care and are devoting more resources to increasing access and improving quality.

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Missing Out on Childhood in Rural America

In an effort to raise awareness about socioeconomic inequalities that are robbing children of their childhoods, Save the Children released a new report, "Growing Up Rural in America," which details why child poverty is particularly dire in the rural U.S.

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Helping Coloradans pay for quality child care

Child care is a critical component of a high-quality education early in life. That's why we're proud to co-sponsor the bipartisan Colorado House Bill 1208, which provides a refundable tax credit to families making $60,000 or less annually with child care expenses.

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Candidates: Back early childhood ed

I strongly believe that all children deserve a strong start in life. And I'm not alone. A vast majority of likely voters in Tennessee who responded to a recent poll commissioned by Save the Children Action Network said they are more likely to vote for a candidate who supports investments in high-quality early childhood education.

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Lawmakers must help working families afford child care

Tax credits tied to child care expenditures can help our families with high costs, but current polices do not meet the needs of many working families in Pueblo and throughout Colorado. Fortunately, a bipartisan bill recently introduced in the state House of Representatives would expand the child care expenses income tax credit, assisting more low-income and middle-income families across the state.

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