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The Concord Monitor

My Turn: Full-day kindergarten is a good investment for Concord

As a life-long resident of Concord, a parent, and a homeowner, I strongly support the Concord School Board’s efforts to fully fund full-day kindergarten programs in the budget this year. Not only would providing a full day of kindergarten to each child in Concord be a strong economic decision for our city – it would provide more children with an equal opportunity to succeed.

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Letter: Congress must invest in children

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we remember that parents everywhere love their kids and want what’s best for them. Sadly, many children around the world and here at home do not have what they deserve — a fair opportunity to succeed.

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Vote yes on SB 590

I was raised by a preschool teacher who works tirelessly to ensure all children get a strong start in life. High quality early care and learning puts children on a path to success and prevents unfavorable outcomes later in life.

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CNN logo

Jennifer Garner: A lifeline for poor families

Congress has once again shortchanged kids. Lawmakers finally authorized the Children's Health Insurance Program in a short-term budget deal passed by Congress, but they failed to act on another key program for poor kids -- the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECHV).

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Your Zen Mama

Folks We Love with Jennifer Garner, actor and activist for Save The Children

Ten years ago, she started working with an organization called Save The Children, a highly regarded and effective organization whose mission is to do whatever necessary to give children in poor communities a healthy start in life, opening possibilities for their future that their circumstances may not have otherwise afforded them. This affects not only the lives of these kids and their families, but also the future for all of us. Here is our interview with Jennifer.

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The Pueblo Chieftain

SHRIVER: New Year’s resolution to save mothers and children around the world

As a father, I'm grateful this new year for my healthy kids. They have been blessed with access to quality medical care as they've grown up, but millions of children around the world are not so fortunate. In fact, 15,000 children will die today from easily treatable illnesses, such as pneumonia, malaria and malnutrition. And 800 mothers will die from complications from their pregnancies and childbirth.

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