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Letter: Head Start Deserves Funding

In September, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers voted for a 30% cut to Head Start. As an advocate for Save the Children Action Network, I am disappointed she tried to cut a crucial program that supports parents trying to work and overcome poverty for themselves and the next generation.

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GOP War on Food Stamps Could Spectacularly Backfire

Newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson is likely to join Republican hardliners in supporting cuts to the country's largest anti-hunger program, a decision that could hurt GOP rural candidates in 2024 elections, according to analysts.

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Letters: What will Jeff Landry do for our kids?

I want to congratulate Attorney General Jeff Landry on his victory in the governor’s race. Being a parent in Louisiana, I sincerely hope the governor-elect will prioritize the well-being and future of Louisiana’s kids by investing in early childhood education and child nutrition programs.

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