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CEO predictions, rural voters on the economy and IRS audits

January 13, 2023

My indicator of the week, 70%, this is from a bipartisan poll of rural and small-town voters in the U.S. who were asked about the challenges that they are facing. And the poll is conducted by this international group Save the Children, and they end up focusing on things that impact kids, you know, child care and also hunger.

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‘The thought of it makes my chest hurt’: Many rural families are stuck in an impossible situation, and fixing the childcare crisis is a first step to help them

Nearly one in three (31%) rural Americans, including 75% of parents, have personally faced at least one type of childcare challenge, according to a new survey shared exclusively with Fortune and conducted by the Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) that polled 1,006 respondents living in rural areas or small towns. Like Deitrich, 11% have had to leave the workforce as a result. 

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Legisladores estatales: gracias por apoyar propuesta de salud mental

Como madre de un niña de 2 años que tiene autismo tengo una comprensión única de los desafíos que enfrentan muchos niños y familias hoy en día en lo que respecta al aprendizaje a temprana edad, especialmente para niños con necesidades específicas de apoyo al aprendizaje. Por eso es tan importante asegurarse de que tengan una base sólida para comenzar el preescolar. Mi hija participa en el programa de visitas domiciliarias de Save the Children, Early Steps to School Success (ESSS). Las oportunidades de educación de la primera infancia como ESSS aseguran que los niños en Washington y otros estados de Estados Unidos desarrollen habilidades de aprendizaje críticas que los prepararán para el éxito en el salón de clases.

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School meals matter: I know, first hand

The state Senate has the power to make sure that no family in the Evergreen state has to pick between utility bills and feeding their children by passing House Bill 1878. Child hunger is not a partisan issue, as evidenced by the state House of Representatives which recently passed the bill with largely bipartisan support. This legislation would require eligible schools to use available federal funding through the Community Eligibility Provision, allowing them to provide more meals to hungry students at no cost.

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Polis delivers for Colorado kids | OPINION

Coloradans sent a strong message earlier this month when they overwhelmingly reelected Gov. Jared Polis to a second term: investing in children is a priority. Defeating his challenger by nearly 20 points, Polis will have an additional four years to …