SCAN Applauds Victories for Families and Early Educators in New Mexico’s 2024 Legislative Session

Washington, D.C. (February 15th, 2024) – Save the Children Action Network (SCAN), the political voice for kids, celebrates successful advocacy efforts to advance the well-being of children, families, and early educators across New Mexico during the state’s 2024 legislative session.

Our grassroots-powered campaigning resulted in critical investments in early childhood education and greater food security for children. During the session, SCAN collaborated with 12 coalition partners, and led efforts to organize the New Mexico Child Care Lobby Day, where more than 200 advocates gathered to meet with their lawmakers to ask them to invest in the state’s early childhood education system and child nutrition programs. In addition, SCAN advocates delivered postcards, sent letters, generated 250 constituent phone calls, and engaged in important discussions with legislative leaders, resulting in milestone policy achievements. 

The state’s commitment to early education was exemplified by funding the inception of a Wage and Career Ladder. This landmark allocation of $15 million over three years ($5 million annually) is a critical step in supporting early educators’ professional growth and livelihoods. Also celebrated by SCAN is the increase in the Early Education Trust Fund from $150 to $250 million, as outlined in SB 153, which will provide significant support to the educational development of children across New Mexico. 

SCAN also celebrates the commitment of lawmakers in New Mexico to support programs that promote food security for children and contribute to their long-term success. Continued funding for Healthy Universal School Meals, a vital program that has served an additional 14,000 children over the past year alone, underscores this commitment. This, along with continued funding for summer food benefits to over 250,000 families with children, demonstrates New Mexico’s dedication to combating childhood hunger. 

“SCAN advocates made the case this legislative session that when we invest in children and educators, we invest in New Mexico’s future. We are grateful that our lawmakers agreed,” said SCAN New Mexico State Manager, Brady Steele. 

Save the Children Action Network extends its gratitude to lawmakers, advocates, partners, and community members for their commitment to the well-being of children in New Mexico and we look forward to continuing to create a brighter future for children across the state.