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We’re Empowering South Carolinans to Be the Voice for Kids

 South Carolinans overwhelmingly support investing in our kids, and especially early education.

This is key because research shows the first five years of children’s lives are critically important for their development.

We’re committed to ensuring all children succeed in school and life.

Learn how we’re investing in South Carolina’s future. 

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Letter: Powerful step

The company Ingevity is donating $400,000 to an early childhood education program in the Lowcountry. As a volunteer with Save the Children Action Network, I want to extend kudos to Ingevity for understanding the potential of investing in our earliest learners and our community.

Vote for candidates that are champions for kids

South Carolinians have the privilege and responsibility to vote. Yet South Carolina ranks 40th in voter turnout in the United States. During our primaries this June, only 17 percent of registered voters in the state turned out on Election Day.

State Polling Results

SCAN commissioned a bipartisan polling team to conduct survey research among general election voters
in five states to gauge their opinions about early childhood education and early intervention policies.

In addition to general election voters, SCAN conducted interviews among both Democratic and Republican primary voters.
The results showed that legislators and candidates looking for issues with broad appeal that can meaningfully
improve the lives of their constituents should invest in our youngest learners and early intervention programs. 

See what  South Carolina voters have to say about early childhood education.

State Leadership

Deborah DePaoli
Mobilization Manager, South Carolina

Deborah DePaoli is a life-long educator. With thirty years of experience in public education, Deborah knows the importance of early childhood experiences and is highly motivated to reach out to like-minded community activists. Deborah is involved in her community and is a champion for those who are vulnerable.

Deborah grew up in southern California where she earned a teaching certificate at Cal State San Marcos. After moving to Columbia in 2005, Deborah has worked in local early childhood programs and earned a Master’s degree in administration and leadership from Southern Wesleyan University. She lives in Columbia now with her two precious children, True and Asher.

Email Deborah at [email protected]

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