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We’re Mobilizing Granite Staters to Be the Voice for Kids

People in New Hampshire overwhelmingly support investing in our kids, and especially early education.

After years of work by advocates, supporters in New Hampshire and coalition partners, Governor Chris Sununu signed bipartisan legislation in 2017 that ensures more kids in the Granite State will have access to day kindergarten. In 2022, we successfully advocated for legislation that will direct state agencies to develop a plan to improve access to high-quality child care.

We’re committed to ensuring all New Hampshire’s children in succeed in school and life.

Our Elections Work

SCAN is proud to endorse this slate of bipartisan champions for early childhood education.

Edith Tucker (D)
for New Hampshire State Senate District 1
Watch the endorsement ad here

David Watters (D)
for New Hampshire State Senate District 4

Denise Ricciardi (R)
for New Hampshire State Senate District 9

Melanie Levesque (D)
for New Hampshire State Senate District 12
Watch the endorsement ad here

Sharon Carson (R)
for New Hampshire State Senate District 14

Becky Whitley (D)
for New Hampshire State Senate District 15

Christine Tappan (D)
for New Hampshire State Senate District 17

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Take Action in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire in the News

Support kids with your vote in November

NEW HAMPSHIRE stands at a crossroads. When it comes to our future, children stand at the center of ensuring the brightest one possible. As a working mom, I know firsthand the importance of early childhood education and access to quality, affordable child care. My family has struggled with securing reliable child care, like so many other families across the state. The good news is that Granite Staters have the opportunity to cast their votes in November for a slate of candidates with strong records and fervor for policies that directly address the most critical issues facing New Hampshire’s children.

The Concord Monitor

LTE: Support children in NH

As a manager of a childcare center and veteran early childhood teacher, I know firsthand the importance of early childhood education, having experienced high quality environments created for young children. Granite Staters have the opportunity this November to support candidates with outstanding expertise in supporting children to ensure all NH’s children get the best start to life. The building blocks for lifelong success are laid in the earliest days of learning. Quality early childhood education develops a love of learning, setting children up to thrive in the classroom and beyond. Investing in early childhood education not only supports children, but also NH’s families and communities by providing peace of mind for parents that their children are safe and learning by those who understand child development while parents work or attend school.

State Leadership

Dellie Champagne
State Manager, New Hampshire

Dellie Champagne is passionate about working with and for children.  Her work includes classroom teaching, college teaching and more recently, teaching advocates how to elevate their voices about important issues.  Her primary focus is on issues that affect children and families.  Dellie was instrumental in creating and advocating for policy change to strengthen NH’s System of Care for children.  Additionally, Dellie wears many hats as she sits on four boards of agencies that serve children and families.  She has long been a strong advocate in her personal life for her son who is on the autism spectrum and lives with a serious and persistent mental illness.  Dellie has received numerous awards throughout her career that have highlighted her commitment to serving children.  Most recently she received the Citizen of the Year for NH award by the Social Workers Association.  She holds a BA in Sociology and a M.Ed in Education.

Dellie is excited to join her colleagues at SCAN to continue to improve the lives of children and families in the United States – specifically, NH.

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