High 5 for Kids

This election season, will you raise your hand for kids?

SCAN launched the High 5 for Kids campaign to give children a voice on the campaign trail.

Check out our one-stop shop to help you vote and advocate for kids this election season.

Why Vote?

Watch 12-year-old Yolanda King, granddaughter of Martin Luther King Jr., interview actor Anne Hathaway about the importance of voting.

Vote to Show Your Support for Kids

When we vote for kids, candidates and politicians are more likely to prioritize them!

That’s why we need YOUR help to turnout voters who prioritize the needs of children. 

View our online toolkit to see everything you’ll need to get out the vote for kids. 

What’s your status?

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Register now! 

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Get ready to vote. 

Every state votes a little differently, especially in the time of COVID-19.  Learn the rules and make a plan for November 8.

Get Out The Vote Week of Action

October 24- 30

You can make a big difference by encouraging others to vote.

All it takes is a plan! Here is a toolkit and worksheet to help get you started.

Engage with Candidates on Kids’ Issues

New to the game? Looking for tips and tricks? Check out these resources to get started!

Raise Your Voice for Kids: Candidate Question Guide

As candidates for elected office hit the campaign trail for rallies and town halls, it is up to us to make sure that children have a voice. This question guide will help you be ready to go the next time you have a chance to ask candidates how they plan to address the many ways to prioritize kids.

How to Engage in Person

In-person engagement is an important way to make sure our leaders are staying true to their promises. We need to hold candidates accountable and make them answer the tough questions, and follow through on their commitments to help children. 

    • Check a candidate’s website, social media, or your local news to find where a candidate is making a public appearance
    • Make sure your question is specific, and well-informed. Be sure to reach out to a SCAN member for help!
    • Be respectful but direct when asking your question to the candidate
    • Make sure to follow up with a candidate or their staff afterwards 

How to Engage Virtually

There are many great ways to engage with candidates and politicians online for those who are unable to make the time to engage with candidates face-to-face. Here are our recommendations for effective virtual engagement. 

    • Use a candidate’s social media or website to see if they have any upcoming tele-town hall or similar events
    • When engaging with a candidate virtually, never use language or a tone that you wouldn’t use in-person. It’s important to make sure that things are not taken out of context. 
    • If you’re unable to reach a candidate directly, host a virtual watch party! It’s a great way to make sure your community is staying engaged with the races that count. 
    • Follow the candidates on social media so you can see what issues they are prioritizing and how they plan to help children when elected