Why are you voting for kids, Sruthi?

Sruthi in DC


I imagine a world in which every child, irrespective of the situation they are born into, has an equal opportunity to follow their passion and live life to the fullest. A world in which every child has the ability to attain a high-quality education and is provided with excellent healthcare. A world in which every child can discover their full potential. While this dream may not come true in my lifetime, I am determined to pave the way for my vision to become a reality.

One way I can advocate for issues impacting young people in our country is by voting. The opportunity to vote is something I will never take for granted. It is an absolute privilege to voice my concerns and play a role in shaping the future.

Children are the most underrepresented generation of our time as they do not have the opportunity to vote.

It is therefore my duty to serve as a voice for them and advocate for their issues.

As a first-year college student, this is my first time voting in a general election. I am proud to say that I sent in my absentee ballot on behalf of kids across the country who deserve a president who will be a champion for their issues. A president who will prioritize investments in our youngest citizens to ensure that every child is equipped with the knowledge and skillset to achieve their best. A president who recognizes the important role that young people play in shaping our country’s future and how the decisions we make today will affect the future generations.

As you cast your ballot on Election Day, I urge you to keep future generations in mind. The success of our country is contingent on the investments we make today in our children.

Join us to start using your voice for kids today.

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Sruthi Palaniappan is a Save the Children Action Network Student Ambassador originally from Cedar Rapids, IA. She currently attends Harvard University. Her passion for early childhood education and being engaged in the political process has made Sruthi a tremendous advocate for children around the world.