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Kids can’t vote, and they don’t give money to political candidates. That’s why we need you.

Whether it’s sending an email message to your member of Congress, tweeting at them or showing up to a town hall meeting to ask your lawmakers to invest in kids, you can make a real difference for kids!

Learn about our campaigns and how you can be a voice for kids.

Build A Better Farm Bill

Help Cook Up a Hunger-Free Future

153 million children are facing hunger around the world. Let’s create a future where every family has food on the table. Tell Congress to build a better Farm Bill!

Invest in Kids

FY25 Budget

Protect Food For Peace

Help Kids Survive Hunger

Food for Peace can help their families survive and thrive – but its lifesaving programs are under threat. If Congress damages Food for Peace, countless kids will lose critical support. It could devastate entire communities, especially during a global hunger crisis. Please, tell Congress to protect Food for Peace!

Take Action

Protect Sudan’s Kids from Conflict

Last April, fighting broke out in Sudan’s capital city. The situation has spiraled since, with hostilities spreading across the country. Now, one in three people are facing acute hunger, and 14 million children need lifesaving aid – but humanitarian staff are struggling to reach them. Send an urgent message to our leaders, pushing for peace and protection!

Build A Better Farm Bill

Help Break the Silence on Child Hunger

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a lifeline, helping hungry families get by. But the cost of food is ever rising, and benefits aren’t stretching as far as they should. Help break the silence on child hunger: Tell Congress to protect SNAP.

Speak Up For Syria

Strengthen Food For Peace

Fight for Stronger Food Aid Programs

Day by day, conflict, extreme weather and economic instability are pushing their communities closer to famine. Stronger international food aid programs would provide lifesaving support. Tell Congress: 153 million children are going hungry. Build a better Farm Bill today!

Protect Food For Peace

Protect a Lifesaving Food Aid Program

Food for Peace programs have helped millions of children survive and thrive.  This lifesaving support helps families and communities feed themselves. But right now, it’s at risk.  Some lawmakers are pushing legislation that would seriously damage Food for Peace – even as 783 million people worldwide are going hungry.  We need advocates to speak up NOW. Tell Congress to protect Food for Peace! 

Fight Child Poverty

Tell Congress: Expand the CTC

Millions of parents are struggling to afford food, rent and other essentials again, putting kids at risk of hunger, homelessness and learning loss. Tell Congress: Make the expanded CTC permanent to protect children’s lives and futures!