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Kids can’t vote, and they don’t give money to political candidates. That’s why we need you.

Whether it’s sending an email message to your member of Congress, tweeting at them or showing up to a town hall meeting to ask your lawmakers to invest in kids, you can make a real difference for kids!

Learn about our campaigns and how you can be a voice for kids.

Protect DACA Recipients

Fight for Dreamers’ Futures

Until Congress provides permanent protections, DACA recipients could be ripped from the lives they’ve built and the people they love. Send a message: It’s time to protect Dreamers’ families and futures!

Protect Foreign Assistance Funding

Take a Stand Against Spending Cuts

When conflict, crisis and climate disasters strike, humanitarian support saves lives. But proposed spending cuts are putting these essential global programs — and children’s futures — at risk. Send a message: If Congress cuts foreign aid funding, kids will suffer the consequences.

Protect Food For Peace

Help Bring Hope to Hungry Kids

Congress is considering devastating cuts to global hunger-fighting programs. With conflict, crisis and climate change ravaging communities around the world, less funding for this critical support means less lives saved. Send a message: Protect Food for Peace funding — and children’s futures!

Advocate for WIC

Advocate for Kids and Adults on WIC

Families across the nation are relying on nutrition support to survive the hunger crisis. But Congress is discussing devastating spending cuts — ones that would put more than 5 million eligible adults and kids at risk. Please, send an urgent message: Nutrition support is too critical to cut.

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Protect Programs that Help Kids Thrive

Families across the U.S. would lose life-changing support — especially in rural or low-income communities, where high-quality care can be hard to access and afford. Send a message: We must protect programs that help children thrive!

Say No To Bad Budget cuts

Kids Shouldn’t Pay the Price for Budget Cuts

The debt ceiling deal called for big budget cuts — ones that could put kids’ lives and futures at risk.
In the U.S., families could lose access to child care, nutrition assistance and safe asylum. Globally, millions of children would be left without basic food, healthcare and education. Send a message: We must protect programs that help children survive and thrive!

World Refugee Day

Raise Your Voice for Refugees

The latest bout of violence in Sudan has killed hundreds of civilians so far, injuring thousands more. With the health care system close to collapse and their homes under fire, 1.9 million have been forced to flee Sudan into neighboring countries, including countless children. Send a message: To survive this tragedy, child refugees need our nation’s support.

Advocate for a Better Farm Bill

Help Hungry Kids Survive and Thrive

International food aid programs — like the ones included in the Farm Bill — can help communities survive and thrive in the face of disaster. But with millions on the verge of famine, it just isn’t enough. Send a message: Children need a better Farm Bill to thrive.

Take Action

Make Summer Fair

Affordable, accessible opportunities give soon-to-be students the tools they need to succeed, ensuring no child falls behind. Help make summer fair with a message to Congress: Invest in early childhood education!

Respond In Sudan

Families in Sudan are Fighting to Survive

On April 15th, violence broke out in Sudan’s capital city. Thousands don’t have access to food, water, electricity or medical care — and hundreds of thousands more were forced to flee home at a moment’s notice. Send a message: When conflict strikes, kids are always caught in the crossfire. We must protect them.

Pass the MINDS Act

Children's Mental Health Matters

Hundreds of millions of children around the world are experiencing loss, violence, displacement and trauma. Send a message to your members of Congress: we must pass the MINDS Act so struggling children can heal and grow.

Support Better Tax Benefits For Kids

The Tax System is Failing Families

Tax credits for families help offset this financial burden — but in today’s economy, they just aren’t enough. Send a message: Support better tax benefits for children to build brighter futures!

Support a Better Farm Bill

Have A Heart

Stand Up For Ukraine