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Kids can’t vote, and they don’t give money to political candidates. That’s why we need you.

Whether it’s sending an email message to your member of Congress, tweeting at them or showing up to a town hall meeting to ask your lawmakers to invest in kids, you can make a real difference for kids!

Learn about our campaigns and how you can be a voice for kids.

Take Action

Have A Heart

Contact the White House

Tell Congress to Prioritize Kids This Session

Help Build a Humane Immigration System

Pass the International Children with Disabilities Protection Act

Protect Dreamers

Families Belong Together

Send a message to Congress: we must provide permanent protections and a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers – because families belong together.

Pass the MINDS Act

Children's Mental Health Matters

Hundreds of millions of children around the world are experiencing loss, violence, displacement and trauma. Send a message to your members of Congress: we must pass the MINDS Act so struggling children can heal and grow.

Strengthen the Farm Bill

Stand Up For Ukraine

Help end suffering in Afghanistan

Transform The Way Asylum-Seeking Kids Are Treated

Invest in Kids

Take Action

Take Action

Fulfill our promises to children and families.

Support Ending Title 42

Send a message to your members of Congress: we must support science and the Biden administration in ending Title 42, restoring asylum and fulfilling our promises to children and families.

Protect the Planet. Protect Children.

Climate Change is Driving Hunger and Stealing Futures

Severe drought, natural disasters and extreme weather are ruining crops and depleting the world’s food supply, contributing to the worst global hunger crisis we’ve seen in a century. We must boost foreign aid funding to help hungry children survive.

Take Action

Take Action