Get Out the Vote for Kids

2020 is a critical election year for kids!

With your help, we will turnout voters who prioritize the needs of children. When we vote for kids, candidates and politicians are more likely to prioritize them!

This online toolkit includes everything you need to get out the vote for kids.


Start by Making a Plan


Learn How to Vote in Your State

Every state votes a little differently.

Make sure you know all the rules in your state so you can spread the word to others.




 Craft a Voter Turnout Plan

You can make a big difference by encouraging others to vote.

All it takes is a plan! Here’s a worksheet to help you get started. 




 Pick an Online Platform for Virtual Events

In the age of COVID-19, all events are moving to a virtual format. 

We know that it can be confusing to find an online platform for these events, so we’ve made it simple to choose the best one for your event. 

Help Register Voters

You can make a big difference by encouraging others to register to vote.

Learn how to register to vote with our handy guide.


Promote Registration
via Email





Promote Registration
via Social Media





Promote Registration
via Flyers





   Promote Registration
via Message Tree

Keep tabs on who you’ve texted with our handy worksheet!
View Message Tree Worksheet >>

(This is an Excel document)

Turnout Voters


Organize a Virtual Postcard Writing Party


Ready to write some postcards? Great! 
View sample postcard messages >>

Organize a Virtual Text Bank


Ready to text voters? Great!
View text script >>


Organize a Virtual Phone Bank


Ready to make some calls? Great! 
View phone script >>

Get Social!

Posting on social media is one of the most effective ways to share the #GetOutTheVote message!

To make it easy for you to use your digital voice, SCAN has created graphics for you to share.

GOTV Week of Action

SCAN is organizing a GOTV for Kids Week of Action from October 11 – 17.

During the week of action we will write, text and call voters to urge them to vote.

Please join us! Here’s how you can get involved. 


Plan Your Week of Action



Social Media Toolkit



Virtual Photo Best Practices