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2020 Vision for Kids

This year, there are a lot of competing priorities facing our elected leaders. And through it all, we need to ensure that children are a top priority.


Quality child care is hard to find. It shouldn’t be.

My twin boys are now six months old and I’m just returning back to my full-time role as CEO. I’ve been fully engaged in the jigsaw puzzle of piecing together care from my parents and friends, paying for someone to come into our home, and hoping to get off the waitlist at a child care center. I can’t help but think, what about those who don’t have any of these supports?


Left out to Dry: the Reality of Child Care Deserts

My husband and I thought we were ahead of the game when we called child care facilities before our child was even born. We were shocked to learn that almost every place had a daunting wait list. This is the reality of living in a child care desert. It’s also the reason I’m heading to DC to petition lawmakers to make a change for families.