Monthly Archives: February 2018

How Sweet it is to Advocate for Kids

Although students are busy working on behalf of their classmates, they still found time this Valentine’s Day to advocate for ALL kids in Colorado. The student council worked with parents and SCAN volunteers to produce valentine cards asking lawmakers to prioritize kids by investing in early childhood education.


Worry Free and Ready to Learn

The Save the Children Head Start center is a rare resource for low-income families in Kristen and Easton’s northwest Arkansas community, which struggles with poverty and unemployment. It offers parents critical resources and guidance, and an opportunity for their kids to gain essential early learning and social skills. 


Photo of the Month: Simple Solutions to Saving Newborns

Rukia was only seven months pregnant when excess fluid in her abdomen forced her to have an emergency C-section at her district hospital in Tanzania. Thankfully, the operation was successful, but her premature son required extra care to ensure he grew and developed like he should. Thanks to the health workers and simple, effective solutions like Kangaroo Mother Care, Rukia’s son survived and is now growing stronger. Sadly, this is not always the case.