Advocacy Summit 2020 Application

  • A limited number of scholarships based on financial need are available to cover Advocacy Summit expenses not typically covered by Save the Children/SCAN. Learn more about financial assistance.
  • Where are you registered to vote?
  • Do you currently attend school? If so, where?
  • Why are you passionate about ensuring access to high-quality early learning for every U.S. child?
  • Why are you passionate about helping children suffering from poverty and violence around the world?
  • Have you ever participated in any advocacy, community, or volunteer work? If so, please describe.
  • What do you hope to learn or what skills do you hope to gain from attending the 2020 Advocacy Summit?
  • How do you see yourself implementing the knowledge and skills learned at the Advocacy Summit in your community?
  • I understand that if I attend the Advocacy Summit and I receive a grant from Save the Children Action Network to do so, I am committed to becoming involved with Save the Children Action Network’s work in my community.