10 Days of Action for 10 Years of SCAN

Celebrating a Decade of Impact

Kids can’t vote, so Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) fights for them.

We’re Save the Children’s political advocacy arm, showing up and speaking out for kids since 2014. Our advocates push policymakers to prioritize children’s futures – in the U.S. and around the world. 

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we’re hosting 10 Days of Action.

MAY 10: Childcare Provider Appreciation

90% of brain development happens by age 5, which means early learning is essential. So are the childcare workers who make it all possible.

SCAN got its start advocating for more affordable, accessible early childhood education opportunities – so every kid gets the strongest possible start in life.

MAY 11: Spotlight SCAN’s Community

Our grassroots staff mobilize students and advocates across 11 states, from Washington to New Hampshire! With training and support, local volunteers use their voices to make change for children – meeting with lawmakers, hosting events and engaging their communities.

MAY 12: Celebrate Parent Engagement

Parents and caregivers are at the center of SCAN’s work. Their lived experiences are powerful, reminding policymakers what really matters.

Our Family Engagement program is built on community-based partnerships ­– offering training and resources so any advocate can participate.

MAY 13: Fight Food Insecurity

Together, we’re breaking the silence on child hunger. SCAN supports sustainable solutions for the world’s hardest-to-reach communities – so every child has the nutritious food they need to thrive.

MAY 14: Your Advocacy Purpose

When you’re fighting for policy wins, every action counts – no matter how small. Our advocates are passionate about their chosen cause, from expanding early learning and ending child hunger to protecting kids in crisis.

MAY 15: High Five for Kids

Children can’t vote, so SCAN campaigns for them. We hold candidates accountable, ensuring they prioritize kids’ needs – an especially critical mission during an election year.

MAY 16: Rally Your Community

We work with community partners to make change where it’s needed most. That means connecting with voters and lawmakers at every level – from local leaders to state houses, to Capitol Hill!

MAY 18: Support Kids in Crisis

Millions of children worldwide are facing unimaginable challenges – but our leaders can help. SCAN fights to protect asylum seekers, provide mental health support, safeguard kids’ futures and help communities rebuild from disaster.

MAY 19: Cheers to You!

The past 10 years have been full of incredible impact for kids – all thanks to advocates like you. Your limitless passion makes SCAN’s work possible.

The celebration never stops. Join us for Day 11 – and beyond!