Protect Vulnerable Children

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Coronavirus knows no borders.

It is a global threat and demands a global response. The virus is already having devastating consequences for children, including an entire generation missing out on school.

There is a real danger that progress made on improving children’s lives will see a reversal, especially for girls and children affected by conflict.

We must help protect and continue to educate these children.

What We're Doing

Through a combination of government relations, communications and grassroots activism, we build relationships policymakers and mobilize the public to ensure children can learn and be safe.

We empower our grassroots network of hundreds of thousands of supporters to raise their voices and lobby their lawmakers to invest in kids. By joining together, we become a force that turns advocacy into policy wins.

Help Rebuild in Syria

Stand Up For Ukraine

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Pass the International Children with Disabilities Protection Act

Pass the MINDS Act

Children's Mental Health Matters

Hundreds of millions of children around the world are experiencing loss, violence, displacement and trauma. Send a message to your members of Congress: we must pass the MINDS Act so struggling children can heal and grow.

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Protect the Planet. Protect Children.

Climate Change is Driving Hunger and Stealing Futures

Severe drought, natural disasters and extreme weather are ruining crops and depleting the world’s food supply, contributing to the worst global hunger crisis we’ve seen in a century. We must boost foreign aid funding to help hungry children survive.

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Youth Female Activists Who Rock!

We’re highlighting a few incredible youth female activists who are advocating for girls all across the world – helping them grow up healthy, ensuring they get the chance to go to school and protect them from harm. Let’s meet them!