Presidential Debate Watch Party Toolkit

Organize a Watch Party Online

This fall, President Trump and former Vice President Biden will take to the debate stage to talk about critical issues. Debates are more fun to watch with friends and other Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) volunteers – virtually!

Presidential Debates Details

The presidential debates are scheduled for September 29, October 15 and October 22 from 9:00 – 10:30 pm ET. The vice presidential candidates will participate in one debate on October 7 from 9:00 – 10:30 pm ET.

Most major news organizations will offer livestreams of the debates.

Ways to Gather Online

Watch Together Using a Video Meeting Tool 

Set up an online meeting using your favorite video meeting platform (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.). Then either stream the debate onto that platform using the screen share feature or have attendees watch at home and share their thoughts with the group.


Organize a Group Chat

Don’t want to be on camera during the debate? Organize a group chat. You can share commentary during the debates while sharing some of our fun ways to engage during the debates.


Promoting Your Watch Party

If you are working with a SCAN staff member, they can also create an event page to use in your promotion efforts. SCAN staff will also help spread the word to supporters in the area through our email list, website and social media.

Email or Text 

Contact your friends, classmates, community partners and coworkers to invite them to the event. A personalized email or text from you will garner a stronger response than a blanket email or text to a large group.


Social Media 

Share on social media via your own personal pages and Facebook groups. Parent, political and school Facebook groups are all good options to reach new audiences.



Create an Event

Consider creating a Facebook event, which enables you to easily invite friends and share regular updates to get folks excited for your event.



Making Your Debate Watch Party Fun

Help elevate critical kids’ issues during your debate watch party.

Throughout the debate, you can ask people to do the following in the chat box:


Sign a Petition

Ask people to sign a petition urging candidates to prioritize rebuilding the child care industry. 



Play Debate Bingo

Share our debate bingo with our downloadable bingo cards.



Share a Quiz

Share our quiz and see how many people get all the questions correct. 




Invite them to volunteer for an upcoming SCAN voter turnout online event.


Get Social During the Debates

Be sure to follow the debate conversations on social media using #Debate2020.

Don’t forget to follow Save the Children Action Network on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we highlight what candidates say about issues that impact kids.


Reshare content from Save the Children Action Network (SCAN).




Tag SCAN with #Debate2020 before the debate and share what you’re hoping the candidates will talk about!



Share pictures of you watching with friends or family (whether virtually or in-person!) and be sure to tag SCAN.