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Kris Perry understands that the future lies in the health and wellbeing of children and has dedicated her career to bringing resources and support to parents, caregivers, and early learning workforce professionals to ensure children grow up healthy and ready to succeed.  

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5 Alarming Facts about Global Child Mortality Rates

All babies deserve a healthy and vibrant start to life, but for some, just surviving until their fifth birthday is a challenge. Many of the world’s youngest citizens struggle simply because of where they were born. We can — and must — help change this.


Help Millions of Girls Find Hope After Horror

Many children around the world witness horrific events and are forced to grow up too quickly—especially if they are female. Education can provide the confidence and strength necessary for these girls to find hope after horror.


Happy Birthday, Head Start!

For more than 25 years, I have visited Head Start programs all across the nation. Each time I am inspired by the children and families who go to these programs to not only learn, but to become future leaders. That’s the power of Head Start. It transforms lives by giving children living in poverty a chance at the future they deserve.


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Lujan Grisham will support our kids

As the political voice of Save the Children, our focus is on advocating for policies that provide high-quality early learning for all children. That’s why Save the Children Action Network is endorsing (U.S. Rep.) Michelle Lujan Grisham for governor.

NM’s children need benefits of an early childhood education

The earlier young learners have access to quality child care and preschool, the more likely they are to succeed in life. U.S. Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham has pledged to make early childhood education a “hallmark” of her administration and work toward providing pre-K to every child in New Mexico.

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School funding in Colorado is among the lowest in the U.S. Amendment 73 would change that by creating a fund to help better fund public education – including preschool. Best of all, 92% of Coloradans wouldn’t see any change in their income taxes.

Kids learn the building blocks in preschool. Gina's tripled the number of PreK classes in RI, and will guarantee every 4yo a spot in Pre-K in her second term.

[email protected] has an ambitious and thorough plan to expand #PreK and make investments in #EarlyEd for New Mexico’s children. Vote for Michelle on November 6! #NMGov #InvestInKids

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