Ending Preventable Deaths

Nadya was nearly one of 15,000 children under age 5 who die every day. Nadya’s mom was taught about Kangaroo care, a skin-to-skin method to encourage breastfeeding and keep her daughter warm. Simple solutions like these can save lives.

Why are so many moms and babies dying?

Save the Children Action Network’s solutions

Trailblazing. As the sister organization to Save the Children, we do what most non-governmental organizations can’t: bring kids’ issues directly to lawmakers and speak fearlessly for children. With the foundation of a respected nonprofit and the mindset of a startup, we approach improving early learning with an entrepreneur’s eye: what has been done? How can we do better? How can we give more children the chance to learn?
Building a movement. We know that change begins with individuals. That's why in 2015, our local activists knocked on nearly 20,000 doors to spread the word about ending preventable deaths. We're also working in seven states--Colorado, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Washington--to build national momentum that we can take to state and federal decision-makers to raise support for life-saving legislation.
Working across the aisle. Kids’ futures depend on the actions of lawmakers today. This is why, together with a large and diverse group of nonprofit organizations, SCAN worked with Republicans and Democrats alike to urge them to cosponsor the Reach Every Mother and Child Act. The impact? In 2015, 61 U.S. Representatives and 7 Senators from both parties signed on to the Reach Act, which would help save the lives of 15 million children and 600,000 women within a generation.

Reach Every Mother and Child Act

The Reach Every Mother and Child Act would scale up the solutions we know work to end preventable maternal and child deaths within a generation.

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Mothers and Children Everywhere Deserve to Survive and Thrive

The U.S. has been a world leader in helping mothers and their children survive by providing critical humanitarian assistance and health programs. But now these programs that have helped millions are in jeopardy. You can help.

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