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2018 Campaign Prospectus

SCAN crafted a prospectus to help 2018 congressional candidates of both parties
amplify a possible agenda for early childhood, to help kids survive and thrive.

We’ve got a smart strategy for big impact.

Read it here.

Register to Vote

We know that the logistics of voting can sometimes seem confusing or overwhelming.
That’s why we’ve made it easy to register to vote in your state. Already registered?
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Plan Your Voting Experience

Election Day – November 6 – is rapidly approaching!

Worried you might forget to vote? We’ve got you covered with our handy vote planning tool.

People who make a plan to vote before Election Day — deciding when and where to actually vote — are more likely to follow through.

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Raise Your Hands for Kids This Election Season

Kids can’t vote and they don’t give money to political candidates.

That’s why we launched the High 5 for Kids campaign – to give
children a voice on the campaign trail.

You can ask candidates questions about how they will invest in the early years
of children’s lives in person, on social media and in the your local newspaper.

Take Action

Be a Voice for Kids

Tell the Next Congress to Prioritize Early Childhood Education

No matter what happens on Election Day, we want the next Congress to make investing in high-quality early childhood education a priority. Sign the petition to tell the next Congress that programs like Head Start, high-quality child care, preschool and home visiting transform children’s lives.

Learn How to Be a Voice for Kids

Check out our resources below to learn how you can engage candidates in your community
on critical kids’ issues, like equal access to quality preschool, child care and more.