The global pandemic has put children’s futures in jeopardy.

Child care is in freefall in the U.S. And worldwide, many children, especially girls and refugees, are missing out on school and may not be able to return. 


3 Ways to Act Now

The first 1,000 people to take all three actions will receive a free I vote for kids button! 

Test Your Knowledge

How well do you know kids’ issues?

The pandemic is creating challenges at home and worldwide. But do you know how it’s affecting children?

Take this short quiz to see how much you know about COVID-19’s impact on kids!

Sign a petition urging candidates to support child care.

Quality child care helps level the playing field, particularly for children who living in poverty.  

Please urge candidates to commit to building a better child care system to serve our children and working parents.


Sign a petition urging candidates to support children around the world. 

More than 30 million children have been uprooted by conflict and violence.

Please urge candidates to commit to supporting international aid to help the children around the world.



Meet Our Champions

Save the Children Action Network is saluting the champions — the early educators, parents and children — who are working tirelessly to keep children safe and learning during the pandemic.




DNC Virtual Event: Saving Child Care

On August 18, Save the Children, Save the Children Action Network and Care for All Children hosted a Virtual DNC event about saving the child care industry. 

The event featured Gov. Polis (D- CO), Rep. Haaland (D-NM), Carmel Martin from the Biden Campaign, parents and providers and more! In case you missed it, watch the full event below.