Youth Female Activists Who Rock!

Throughout the month of March we’re celebrating Women’s History Month! We’re honoring all the incredible women who have – and in many cases still are – contributing to our society in a meaningful way.

Earlier this week, we celebrated International Women’s Day by raising the voices of young leaders across the world who are challenging gender norms and working to create a more equitable world. As more and more girls face harm, especially because of the increased risks caused by the pandemic, it’s more critical now than ever before to leverage the stories and voices of those who are trying to create change.

We’re highlighting a few incredible youth female activists who are advocating for girls all across the world – helping them grow up healthy, ensuring they get the chance to go to school and protect them from harm. Let’s meet them!

Estefany*, 15, Peru

“Women want and can have the same possibilities, the same opportunities that men have today…”

Estefany is part of a group, supported by Save the Children in the Peruvian city of Huánuco, where teenage activists learn to fight for girls’ rights and campaign against sexual violence and harassment on the street and online. Stephanie loves the training program and is excited about its potential to protect girls against sexual abuse and change damaging chauvinistic attitudes and behavior.  


Asia*, 17, Tanzania

“As a young girl, I was not confident enough to stand in front of people and speak, but now I do that with confidence.”

Asia is a passionate student in Zanzibar, Tanzania where she’s been campaigning for children’s rights and the fight against violence. She’s a member of the children’s council, where she is able to discuss issues affecting children and advocate for positive change. In her advocacy work, she urges the government to strengthen policies and laws to punish those who have been abusing children.


Sunita*, 16, India

“I want to fight for a world in which girls have power over their own decisions…Every girl should be allowed to decide her future.”

Sunita had to drop out of school when she was 10 years old because the school was too far. Her family insisted she get married, but thanks to the support of Save the Children, her family was persuaded to let her go back to school. Sunita has since worked to help other girls in her community and was nominated by Save the Children for the World Youth Prize 2016. 


Hiba* and Rama*, 17 and 14, Syrian refugees in Jordan

These two talented Syrian sisters are using rap music to spread a crucial message about girls’ rights. They’re already changing attitudes in Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan, where they live. They’ve helped stop a girl from their school being married, and got their parents’ support to turn down proposals themselves.

“We are children who stand against early marriage,” sing Hiba and Rama. “We will fight the world to stop it.”


These young female activists are inspirational! When girls are empowered to reach their full potential and make their dreams a reality, they can achieve some pretty incredible things. As we continue to celebrate the contributions that leaders like each of them have made, join us in urging Congress to support funding for programs that help children – especially girls – learn and reach their full potential.

Tell Congress School is a Lifeline for Girls Worldwide!

*Name of child is changed to protect their identity.