Why are you using your voice for kids, advocate?

Kaitlin Zaugg at Advocacy Summit 2016

“My cousin is in special education. Her and I are hip and hip all the time; she’s my best friend. She actually could talk but never did for a really long time. Her sister and I would work with her to help her learn her letters, but she was so behind and we couldn’t catch her up.

She ended up having severe scoliosis. She needed surgery and after surgery she wouldn’t take her medicine. Her mother called me and said, ‘Hey, you need to come here,’ so she could take her pills. I was the only one who could convince her to take her pills. 

Now she won’t be quiet; before she wouldn’t talk, but now she talks. That set my sights toward education.”

Kaitlin Zaugg is an education major at Iowa State University. She’s also an advocate for kids who visited Capitol Hill in 2016 to urge her lawmakers to support critical legislation for children.

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