What can $20 get you in 2020? A Big Difference for Kids

Can you believe that the second month of 2020 is almost over? As a millennial, I still think of the 90’s as “ten years ago” and the idea that the shiny new millennia was twenty years ago just makes me feel, well, old.

Though I’m coming to terms with no longer being a child myself, I am acutely aware that my positive childhood experiences have played a large part in where I am today. And as the digital and web manager for Save the Children Action Network (SCAN), it’s my job to help make sure that all children have the same (or better!) opportunities I had to learn, grow and thrive. So a few days ago when I wrote 2/20/2020 on my calendar, it got me to thinking – how could a $2, $20 or $200 donation to SCAN help children in 2020?

Here are a few examples of what that money could do.  


SCAN appreciates every dollar, and puts it to work for kids. A donation of $2 could help us buy pens to collect petition signatures at community events, or a handful of stickers for advocates to wear to birddog candidates or speak at a town hall. It all adds up!


A donation of $20 can help us buy pizza for our hardworking Student Ambassadors when they’re spending long days gathering signatures on petitions. It can allow us to print a striking poster that our advocates can bring to a legislative office or event. It can send 57 postcards to voters to encourage them to vote for kids. There are many ways that $20 turns into momentum for our issues!


A donation of $200 would help us build our army of advocates and elevate our voice for kids! A donation of that size could help us generate news coverage about the challenges kids face here at home and around the world. It could help us train close to 50 volunteers and students so even more people can write, call and show up for kids at state capitols. Both of these are a critical way to build momentum for our legislative agenda and educate lawmakers about the critical importance of quality early learning.


A monthly donation of $2, $20 or $200 does even more for kids! Our amazing monthly donors in our Voices for Kids program help us build strong, comprehensive movements such as our High 5 for Kids election campaign. With that support, we are able to help elect leaders who will be champions for kids, and we are able to put kids’ issues on the map. All of that adds up to real, effective change for children! 

Fortunately, in 2020 there are so many ways that you can get involved and help children! You can advocate for issues that affect kids, ask candidates questions to ensure that they’ll be champions for kids or even offer your time and talent as a volunteer with SCAN. But it’s the donations from our generous supporters that makes it possible for us to be a champion for children everywhere. Every dollar helps us build a larger voice, a stronger movement for kids.

So this 2020, can you spare $2 to build a brighter future for kids?