Weekly Wisdom on investing in education

When it comes to kids, we can all agree that children should come first. Every experience we expose children to plays a huge role in their development, especially during their first five years of life. For children, the answer to achieving success is simple. We need to invest in high-quality early childhood education. Study after study reaches the same conclusion – early learning has an enormous impact on kids’ futures. Yet here in the U.S., many of the 16 million children living in poverty do not enter school prepared because of a lack of educational resources. That’s not acceptable. We must use our voices and make it loud and clear that Congress can’t forget about investing in kids’ education!

Urge Congress to Invest in Kids!  

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Samra Khawaja manages Save the Children Action Network’s social media. She hopes to be a voice for children around the world, one tweet and one hashtag at a time. #InvestInKids