Wednesday Wisdom from Melinda Gates on foreign aid investments


Melinda Gates on foreign aid investments


According to Melinda Gates, there are two big reasons why we can’t say no to investing in humanitarian assistance.

First, less than 1 percent of the U.S. federal budget goes to aid. A few critical things that fall under this budget are combating polio and HIV/AIDS and devoting resources to better nutrition for children.

Second, it’s in America’s best interest. Foreign aid investments go toward protecting global health and development, which encourages political stability and economically lifts countries. This means that dollars spent abroad reap dividends for America, too.

So, how do these investments impact the U.S.? By providing medical and nutrition assistance, Americans are reducing the likelihood of deadly epidemics striking U.S. soil. Foreign aid also reduces political instability abroad, which increases security at home. Finally, smart aid investments can boost economic activity in developing countries, which opens up potential markets for U.S. products.

Use your voice! Tell Congress to oppose cuts to development assistance

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