Wednesday Wisdom from Malala on education

Malala on education


Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan, the youngest person ever to win a Nobel Prize, knows first-hand the struggles for children’s rights, especially the right to education. Malala, who refused to be oppressed by extremism and discrimination, is a great source of inspiration for all children who desperately want to learn, especially girls. Her voice represents the voices of millions of children asking for a good education.

“The world community must step up to protect children and ensure that they have a future,” says Malala. “There cannot be a lost generation.”

As a part of a 2014 partnership, both Save the Children and the Malala Fund launched two education projects to help vulnerable children return to education in Syria and Jordan. As we honor National Teacher Appreciation Week, we remember the value of education and those who dedicate their time to ensuring a successful future for kids.  

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