Wednesday Wisdom on Giving Back to Kids

The holidays have officially begun and for many of us, that means spending time with our families and friends. It’s a time to be grateful for all the opportunities life presents to us. At Save the Children Action Network, we work tirelessly to ensure that children across the country and around the world are growing up with opportunities they deserve. This means making sure all children survive and thrive, growing up healthy and receiving high-quality education. By standing together for the children who are not given these opportunities, we can create a world in which every last child gets a strong start in life.

Here’s how you can give back to kids!

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Samantha Ruth is an intern for Save the Children Action Network and current Masters of Public Health student at George Washington University. She has her undergraduate’s degree in Microbiology from the University of Arizona. She hopes to be an advocate for Children’s health and literacy in order to create equity and opportunities for children around the world.