Wednesday Wisdom from Dr. Seuss on early reading

Reading is one of the major components of early childhood education programs. Reading with children at an early age not only teaches them invaluable speech and language skills, it also begins to mold their imagination. Investing in early education is crucial for young learners and their overall development. Unfortunately, many kids do not have access to early learning programs, leaving them to fall behind their peers. We can change this. By working with Congress, we can ensure all kids have access to a quality early childhood education that’s affordable and equitable.

Tell Congress to Expand Quality Early Learning in Tax Reform!

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Samantha Ruth is an intern for Save the Children Action Network and current Masters of Public Health student at George Washington University. She has her undergraduate’s degree in Microbiology from the University of Arizona. She hopes to be an advocate for Children’s health and literacy in order to create equity and opportunities for children around the world.