We Agree, Gov. Raimondo: Let’s Invest in Rhode Island Kids!

Students at Brown University advocating for early education policies. 

We’re only a few short weeks into 2019 and it’s already shaping up to be a great year for Rhode Island kids!

Last year, Rhode Island activists — students, professors, K-12 educators and parents alike — hit the ground running to ensure that Governor Gina Raimondo, an incredible champion for kids, was re-elected. As Save the Children Action Network’s (SCAN) Mobilization Manager for Rhode Island, I couldn’t be more thrilled that Rhode Island’s youngest learners will continue to have a governor who is determined to ensure access to high-quality education.

On Wednesday, Governor Raimondo reiterated her commitment for universal pre-K, saying “It is a fact, proven over and over again, that investment in pre-K means kids do better in school. They graduate high school at a higher rate. They get good jobs and they commit fewer crimes,”

We couldn’t agree more! That’s why SCAN released a TV ad this week urging the state legislature to support her plans for Pre-K. The governor also joined SCAN’s CEO Mark Shriver to visit Pre-K programs and witness first-hand the amazing work in Rhode Island and the power of early learning.

Gov. Raimondo and SCAN CEO Mark Shriver read with children in Rhode Island. 

The visit was a reminder of why we’re working toward universal pre-K and really firing up Rhode Island activists and the governor’s administration for the work ahead. Every dollar we invest in our youngest learners helps strengthen the economy for everyone. Yet far too many Rhode Island families struggle to find access to early learning programs for their kids. It’s time for the legislature to follow the Governor’s lead and invest in kids!

Now’s not the time to sit back – we need to get even louder! If you live in Rhode Island please email your lawmakers today and ask them to invest in preschool! 

Not in Rhode Island? No problem! You can urge Congress to invest in early learning.