Three Ways You Can Help Kids in 2020

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Photo: Save the Children/Susan Warner

I believe there is nothing better than advocating for those who can’t do so for themselves – like kids. In my time as the Digital Campaign Manager for Save the Children Action Network (SCAN), it’s become clear to me that we need to make sure our elected officials, both new and old, remember our youngest, most vulnerable neighbors. And since 2020 is an election year, it’s on us to make sure they do!

Getting involved and using your voice for kids doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, Save the Children Action Network makes it easy!

Here are three ways that you can be a voice for kids in 2020:

1. Contact your lawmakers.

Though I’d love to give six hours a day to calling lawmakers and advocating for kids, the reality is, that doesn’t fit in my schedule. Luckily, sending a message to lawmakers via SCAN’s email action alerts takes less than 1 minute!

Trust me, those messages make a difference. Flooding an elected official’s mailbox with requests on a particular issue brings the matter to the forefront and helps them remember who you are!

2. Share the word.

One person sending a message to a lawmaker is amazing. But can you imagine if everyone reached out to five other people and asked them to do the same? The impact would be extraordinary!

I know that for every email I send to my lawmakers, I make sure to share the same link with my closest circle, including my parents, my sister, my friends and my roommate.

I also share post from SCAN on social media. You can too! Just follow SCAN on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and help spread the word. 

3. Make sure 2020 candidates will invest in kids!

Kids can’t vote and they don’t often give money to political candidates. That’s why we launched the High 5 for Kids campaign – to give children a voice on the campaign trail. In the last year, SCAN volunteers and staff have been meeting with presidential candidates to ask them how they will invest in kids. Watch the candidates’ answers!

This year, it’s more important than ever to raise our voices for kids. Their future, and ours, depends on it!

Will you join me and become an advocate for kids?

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Jessica Lach is Save the Children Action Network’s Digital Campaign Manager based in DC. She is passionate to work for moms and kids all over the world and is proud of her previous work advocating for those in need.