Three Reasons Why Coloradoans Should Vote in the Midterm Elections

Jennifer Spires (right) is a volunteer for Save the Children Action Network.

Politicians across America are urging their constituents to get to their polling places this November, and with good reason. Midterm election voter turnout is consistently lower than turnout during a presidential election. But this year, it’s critical that voters across the U.S. – and especially Colorado – vote for leaders who will prioritize our kids.

In case you’re on the fence, here are three reasons why you should vote in the midterm election:

1. Your vote will make a difference at the national, statewide and local levels. This year, Colorado voters will decide the outcomes of 13 statewide measures ranging from election reforms and education to agriculture and budgets. All seven of our U.S. House of Representatives seats are up for election and we have a highly competitive gubernatorial race that could result in access to full-day preschool and kindergarten.

Other seats on the ballot: Two seats on the Colorado Board of Education, three seats on the University of Colorado Board of Regents and many more crucial positions.

2. Amendment 73. Also known as the Great Schools, Thriving Communities initiative, Amendment 73 would create a fund that would help better fund public education – including preschool! Most importantly, this fund would be in addition to funding already committed to Colorado’s public schools. And best of all, 92% of Coloradans wouldn’t see any change in their income taxes, as the changes only affect those making $150,000 annually or more.

3. Colorado is a purple state. According to the office of the Colorado Secretary of State, Unaffiliated voters make up 37% of registered active voters, followed by Democrats at 31% and Republicans at 30%. Ultimately, this three-way split means that election results could swing in either direction. Your vote will help determine the future of Colorado for its youngest residents.

Who you choose to put into office and what measures you approve could make a huge difference in the lives of young children and their families. Exercise your rights as an American and go VOTE!

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Learn how you can advocate for kids this election season or use your voice by registering to vote.