The Stories that Moved You in 2019

The news cycle in 2019 was anything but slow.

Between politics, natural disasters, campaigns and crises, it seems like there was always some breaking news that demanded our attention. Here at Save the Children Action Network (SCAN), we were watching and reading the news much like everyone else. But we were also taking action.

Throughout the year, SCAN volunteers, advocates, staff, supporters and partners all raised their voices in support of children. When heartbreaking news about mistreatment of children and families at the U.S. border seemed overwhelming, our army of activists send hundreds of thousands of messages to Congress demanding action. When presidential candidates took to the campaign trail, our volunteers went to more than 140 events to urge them to make early learning a priority. When schools, hospitals and other safe havens became targets in conflicts around the world, we once again raised our voices and demanded that our leaders stop the war on children.

There was so much that happened this year – it’s hard to keep track! That’s why we’re taking a moment to reflect on the stories that touched you, our readers, in 2019. Below are the 5 most-read blogs from 2019. Together, they tell a story of hope and perseverance. Before we head into the new year, take a moment to remember the stories that touched you in 2019.

1. 3 Ways You Can Help Kids at the Border Today

By Sarah Poetzschke, June 19, 2019

“Every day, new stories emerge about the thousands of children who are in desperate need of care and relief at the U.S. border. Here are three ways that you can make a real, tangible difference for those children.” 

2. Blog Series: I just spent 3 weeks working with children at the U.S. border. This is what’s really happening there.

By Jessica Lach, August 6, 2019

“For 3 weeks, I joined Save the Children programs at the U.S. southern border in New Mexico. Here are some of the many insights I gained while serving families and children seeking asylum within the United States.” 

3. Advocacy? I have time for that!

By Anne-Laure Shelton, M.D., Ph.D., February 11, 2019

“As a pediatrician, I decided to volunteer with SCAN because I want to do more for the families I serve. It seemed daunting at first to find time to commit to volunteering while working a full-time job, but there are many ways to do it!”

4. A Spark of Light in the Darkness: A Refugee’s Story

By Wilita Sanguma, October 18, 2019

“I believe that the actions that we take have the potential to influence a positive or negative reaction. I faced a lot of injustice and violence in my life, and I am not here because of my own doing. I had people in my life who supported and empowered me to continue to move forward. Every child deserves the opportunity to pursue a fulfilled life, like me.” 

5. Making History for Colorado’s Kids with Full-Day Kindergarten

By Annalise Romoser, February 20, 2019

“In his State of the State address, Colorado Governor Jared Polis proposed using the state’s entire budget surplus to fund full-day kindergarten in every school district by this fall. SCAN committed to making this bold plan to invest in kids a reality!”


We know that 2020 will be another busy – and sometimes challenging – year. But throughout it all, we remain committed to being the voice for kids. We will continue to share their stories, and the stories of you, our amazing supporters! We hope you’ll come along with us on the journey.

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