Spring into Advocacy!

Just because we’re in a pandemic, that doesn’t mean our work to help kids in the U.S. and around the world ends. In fact, because of the pandemic, we need to be collectively advocating louder than ever before.  

While it can be tricky to advocate during these times, there are ways to safely and effectively be a voice for kids. As we welcome a new season with a fresh start, let’s get ready to “spring” into advocacy.  

Advocacy work is now even more digitally friendly and can be done with just a few clicks! All you need is a digital device and the passion to create a better world for kids. 

Below are three easy ways you can advocate from the comfort of your home this season and beyond.  

Send an online message

We elect leaders in office to represent the needs of our community. If we don’t hold them accountable for the promises they made on the campaign trail, then we can’t move the needle forward for kids. One of the most effective ways to communicate with your lawmakers – both before, during and we expect after the pandemic – is to send them a message through our online advocacy tools. We provide a basic message, although you are encouraged to add your own opinions and story as well. Check out our campaigns to learn about the messages you can send with just a few clicks!



Join a virtual meeting

Thanks to modern technology, meeting with fellow volunteer activists and your elected officials is easier than ever when you can do it online! Our most engaged SCAN advocates across the country meet regularly, both at the state and national level, to learn how they can effectively use their voice for kids. Not only does meeting virtually allow for face time with fellow advocates, but it also allows us to continue meeting with elected officials and their offices. Here’s how you can join the next online meeting near your community




If you’re able to support your favorite cause with a donation, those funds can go a long way in making a difference to communities, especially during the pandemic. By donating to SCAN, you can help us empower more advocates to hold leaders accountable to invest in kids. No matter how big or small your contribution is, it will go a long way! Learn more about our donating opportunities. 





No matter how you choose to advocate, remember to keep your eye on the ultimate goal: to help kids everywhere thrive! Kids across the country and the world are counting on us to be a powerful advocate for them. With the many victories we’ve scored in the last year, during an exceptionally difficult time, there’s no doubt we can continue making progress for kids.  

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