What is SCAN doing at the Republican National Convention?

A visitor to our installation at the RNC giving a thumbs up about the virtual reality experience

by Shavonne Clarke


The better question: what aren’t we doing at the convention?

On Monday, we launched the Save the Children Action Network Lounge in Cleveland, a hub for activists and delegates to gather as we remind voters and the nation about the critical importance of investing in kids.

We brought corn hole, virtual reality headsets, tablets where visitors could sign petitions to help kids survive and thrive — and a bunch of very excited staff.


SCAN staff at the RNC


Things have been bustling. On Wednesday, Congressman Tom Cole of Oklahoma tried our virtual reality video, an immersive experience about how to prevent moms and kids from dying overseas and learning about early childhood education in rural Kentucky.


Congressman Tom Cole trying our virtual reality headset at the RNC


Later, we invited some of the best minds at the convention to come speak with us about investing in kids. “Republicans are the key,” GOP pollster Alex Lundry told us, “to helping end the preventable deaths of moms and kids.”


A discussion at the RNC


We also got a visit from Senator Dan Sullivan.


Senator Dan Sullivan at the RNC


In the meantime, we’ve been hitting the streets of Cleveland to raise awareness for kids’ issues.


SCAN staff Smita and Kim at the RNC

SCAN staff giving high fives in Cleveland


We even sponsored a forum hosted by PBS’s NewsHour, a whole special devoted to discussing early childhood education! Our president, Mark Shriver, provided opening and closing remarks.


Mark Shriver on PBS NewsHour


“If we can put a man on the moon,” he said, “we can figure out how to educate our youngest kids.”

Thumbs up to that!


A visitor to our installation at the RNC giving a thumbs up about the virtual reality experience

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Shavonne Clarke manages Save the Children Action Network’s website and blog. Since joining SCAN, she has put her MFA in creative writing to good use by sharing the stories of children in the U.S. and around the world.