SCAN is grateful for our Student Ambassadors!

This Thanksgiving, I share thanks for our terrific team of Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) Student Ambassadors. Throughout the school year, they host club meetings and activities to engage their classmates and communities around our issues impacting children. We’re so grateful to this group of high school and college student volunteers for representing our organization at their schools.

Here are just a few ways in which our Student Ambassadors have made a difference this fall:

1. Built our network of advocates for kids by recruiting new club members at student organization fairs.

2. Rallied school spirit by marching with Save the Children Action Network at homecoming parades.

3. Raised awareness about kids living in conflict zones by hosting photo galleries during the Stop the War on Children week of action.

4. Bird-dogged presidential candidates at events on the campaign trail to learn about their plans to invest in kids.

5. Met with their members of Congress to advocate for our policy priorities.


Every day, our Student Ambassadors go above and beyond to spread the word about Save the Children Action Network’s campaigns for kids. We thank them for their efforts to improve the lives of children!

Learn more about our Student Ambassador Program.