Photo of the month: Bianca, six hours old, from Kenya

Bianca, six hours old, in Kopsiro Health Facility in Bungoma County Kenya

Bianca, six hours old, is in a health facility in Kenya. Bungoma County, where Bianca lives, has one of the highest numbers of maternal and newborn deaths in the country.

In Kenya today, a staggering one in 12 children dies before their fifth birthday, and nearly a third of this number will die within their first month of life. Most of these children die from preventable and treatable causes such as pneumonia, malaria and diarrhea.

Save the Children launched a program to encourage pregnant women and parents of newborns to seek quality health services so they have access to the care that will help reduce Kenya’s large number of newborn deaths.

Help babies like Bianca survive and thrive by taking action for kids today.