Photo of the Month: Rider from Arkansas

Photo By: Eli Murray

Meet Rider, a 2-year-old from Arkansas who is able to explore his curiosity and imagination on a daily basis, thanks to Save the Children’s Head Start program.

Like Rider, many children around the United States benefit from federally-funded Head Start and Early Head Start programs, which promote school readiness and social and emotional development for kids in low-income families. Programs like these improve educational opportunities and outcomes for kids in underserved communities so that kids have the opportunity to develop socially and emotionally, and begin to recognize their potential.

Unfortunately, the tax bills recently passed by the House and the Senate do nothing to help underserved children. They would actually raise the deficit by more $1 trillion, which could lead to cuts in vital domestic programs like Head Start. The bills have now moved to a conference committee where Congress will try to consolidate them into one bill, meaning we now have one last chance to stop this. You can help! Send a message to your representatives and senators, urging them to vote against the harmful tax bill. Take a stand so that kids like Rider can build a foundation for the future they deserve. 

Urge Congress to Vote No on the Tax Bill

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Sarah Siguenza is the Manager, Web Editor for Save the Children Action Network (SCAN). She is passionate about ensuring that every child has the opportunity to live up to their potential. Sarah previously worked for the United Nations Foundation and InterAction– the largest coalition of U.S.-based nonprofits– and is excited to use digital communications to advance SCAN’s mission.