Photo of the Month: Porshia from Mississippi


Porshia reading to her kids


A new family focus on reading has given Porshia’s 1-year-old daughter, Chloe, an early love for books and learning. It has also helped her 8-year-old daughter, Janiya, learn to read a full sentence for the first time.

“I learned to read more, and the more they read, the more they learn,” said Porshia, a single mother in the Mississippi Delta.

Both of Porshia’s daughters are involved with Save the Children’s program, Early Steps for School Success. Janiya attends the after-school literacy program, where she’s getting closer to catching up to her peers. Porshia’s mother, Sharon, assists Porshia in caring for Chloe and Janiya and says she has witnessed Janiya’s confidence blossom. 

“She loves school now, whereas before we had to drag her out of bed every morning,” said Sharon. “She has made a major turnaround. I can see the difference with the extra help and the books coming in. It’s all coming together.”

After-school programs play a vital role for families and kids. They provide parents like Porshia with access to resources that might not otherwise be available to them. After-school programs also provide kids with a safe place to go after school and give them the educational services and enrichment activities they need to succeed.

Thanks to the after-school program, reading has become a routine for the family. Having access to books gives Porshia the opportunity to help her daughters learn.

If you support after-school programs, ask your members of Congress to save the 21st Century Community Learning Centers

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