No Matter Where You Live, Your Vote Counts

The midterm elections are around the corner and across the country, we see voters are getting ready! Some constituents might still be on the fence about voting but, here’s one thing to remember. Every single vote matters, especially when the issues at hand will directly impact a population who cannot speak for themselves at the ballot — children.
This year, many states are facing decisions that will determine funding for vital programs that benefit kids. To learn more about the state-by-state issues that voters will decide in November, check out our round-up election blog series below!

Tennesseans: Don’t Waste Your Vote this November
By Maddie Patton
There are more than 1 million children under the age of 18 in Tennessee, and it is our job to be their political voice. Change is made by those who show up, so here are my top three reasons for making it a priority to vote! 


I’m a Mother in Ohio. This is Why I Vote.
Crystal Lett
With the midterm elections right around the corner, the topic on the forefront of most people’s minds seems to be – why vote? I believe it is our duty as adults is to protect children and provide them with what they need to thrive.


Want to Change Iowa’s Future? Vote.
Lucy Dougherty
Iowa’s public-school system has been among the best in the country, but as of 2018, it ranks 28th in Pre-K quality and 33rd in college readiness. We need to do more to ensure our students have a quality education and access to a bright future.


Voting for Our Future in Washington State
Leslie Brown
If we are going to assure equitable access to early learning here in Washington State, we have to vote for politicians who are committed to the idea that our future lies in our children, and who will help create the best education opportunities for them. Let’s be a voice for kids!


Three Reasons Why Coloradoans Should Vote in the Midterm Elections
Jennifer Spires
This year, it’s critical that voters across Colorado vote for leaders who will prioritize our kids. In case you’re on the fence, here are three reasons why you should vote in the midterm election.


This November, Your Vote Can Help South Carolina’s Kids
Deitra Matthews
During this 2018 election season, education has been a critical issue that South Carolina candidates are promising to address. That is exactly why we must vote this November! We have to hold our elected leaders accountable to their promises for kids.

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