New Year, New Opportunities to Get Involved

Happy New Year!

To everyone who made a resolution to do more to help children in America and around the world in 2018—we have great news for you! Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) has plenty of opportunities for you to get involved and make a difference for kids. Below are suggestions for how YOU can start the year off right by using your voice to advocate for those who cannot do so themselves.

1. Take action

Which issue moves you? Is it guaranteeing that children have access to vital Head Start and child care programs? Or is it ensuring that no more mothers and children die from preventable causes, like pneumonia and malaria? We are running multiple campaigns on both issues, but we need your help. One way to help is to contact your legislators—via email, phone or in person—and urge them to vote on matters that protect children and help them succeed. Best part is, we make it easy; simply visit our action pages (such as Protect Funding for Critical Kids’ Programs or Urge Congress to Save Children’s Lives) to quickly find your members of Congress and send them a pre-drafted note encouraging them to take action on behalf of children. Trust us, your voice makes a difference!

2. Donate

We work every day to hold policymakers accountable to children. Now more than ever, the stakes are high. After all, when fiscal budgets are tight, programs that help children and families living in poverty are likely to end up on the chopping block. But with support from our donors, we can strengthen our impact by training volunteers in key states to: meet directly with their lawmakers in their communities, educate the public through local events and media about why investing in kids is so important, mobilize our supporters to take action and engage young people at high schools and college campuses around the country. Every donation means a louder voice for kids—something policymakers pay attention to. Click here to donate.

3. Become an advocate

There are countless ways you can advocate for kids! If you’re in high school or college, consider our Student Ambassador Program. This nationwide leadership program empowers student advocates across the country to use their voice to make the world a brighter place for children around the world while also giving back to their communities. If you’re not a student, consider becoming a SCAN volunteer. Our activists post information and actions to their social media pages, staff booths at community events, meet with elected officials and ask political candidates questions about how they would work to invest in children. Whichever way you choose to get involved, we promise it will positively impact your life as well as the lives of children in your state and beyond.

4. Submit a letter to the editor

Spread the word about SCAN’s work! One of the most powerful ways to educate the public on our issues and influence policymakers is through the media. By writing a letter to the editor—whether for a student, local or national publication—you amplify your voice and our cause and can encourage others to take action. To see examples of published letters written by other advocates, visit our website. If you are interested in writing a letter, please contact Allie Wright at (202) 794-1823 or email [email protected].

5. Like, comment, share on social

Social media has become a powerful tool for advocacy. By following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and engaging with our content, you boost our visibility and amplify our issues to a broader range of people. Get the word out and encourage others to get involved!

You can make a difference for kids. We need your voice to ensure that all children have the resources and support they need to have a strong start in life.

Learn more about how you can be a voice for kids in 2018!

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Sarah Siguenza is the Manager, Web Editor for Save the Children Action Network (SCAN). She is passionate about ensuring that every child has the opportunity to live up to their potential. Sarah previously worked for the United Nations Foundation and InterAction – the largest coalition of U.S.-based nonprofits – and is excited to use digital communications to advance SCAN’s mission.