A new way to speak up for children: the Voices for Kids program

by Shavonne Clarke


In July, we introduced Voices for Kids, a program designed to bolster our work for children in the U.S. and around the world through monthly giving. Here, we answer your questions about our program and the kind of work your donations will support.

Why did we start the Voices for Kids program?

Kids’ futures depend on lawmakers’ actions today. With the foundation of a global nonprofit and the mindset of a startup, we approach our mission with an entrepreneur’s eye: what can we do for kids today? What do we need to do today to ensure kids in the future have an opportunity to succeed? What will it take to ensure every child survives and thrives?

That’s why we started Voices for Kids. The program will help us scale up our efforts more quickly, which will help us change children’s lives during critical early years.

What will my donation be used for?

As the advocacy arm of Save the Children, we do what most non-governmental organizations can’t: bring children’s issues directly to federal and state lawmakers. By giving monthly, you power our work at all levels, from tabling and canvassing in communities across the country, to advocating for kids on Capitol Hill.

Here are some examples of the work our funding has allowed for:

Even a monthly gift of $10 can make a big difference for kids. By joining today, you will receive a signed copy of A Good Man, written by Save the Children Action Network President Mark Shriver.

Help us ensure that every child survives and thrives.

Join Voices for Kids today!

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Shavonne Clarke manages Save the Children Action Network’s website and blog. Since joining SCAN, she has put her MFA in creative writing to good use by sharing the stories of children in the U.S. and around the world.