Moving the national spotlight to kids at the border

Advocates gather outside of the second Democratic presidential debate venue in Detroit, Michigan.

The second Democratic presidential debates came to a close this week in Detroit, Michigan. 20 candidates took the stage to highlight where they stand on a variety of issues. Among the hot topics were health care, climate change, women’s issues and criminal justice reform. While the debate was split into two nights, there was one issue that got a lot of attention on both nights and stands out the most to us: the crisis at our southern border. Many of the candidates shared their perspectives on what’s happening and how they would tackle it if elected into office.

Here’s what some of the select candidates had to say…

“I already proposed and passed $750 million for Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, to be able to change the circumstance why people fled in the first place.” – Vice President Joe Biden

“I’ve been down to the border. I have seen the mothers. I have seen the cages of babies. We must be a country that everyday lives our values. And that means we cannot make it a crime.” – Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts 

“If a mother and a child walk thousands of miles on a dangerous path, in my view, they are not criminals…They are people fleeing violence. So what we will do, the first week we are in the White House, is bring the entire hemisphere together to talk about how we rebuild Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador so people do not have to flee their own countries.” – Bernie Sanders, Vermont

“I went to a place in Florida called Homestead, and there is a private detention facility…I saw children lined up single file based on gender being walked into barracks…These children have not committed crimes and should be not treated like criminals.” – Kamala Harris, California

Whether the issue has to do with the border, child care or expanding pre-K, our job is to make sure candidates are taking a stance on issues that affect our youngest citizens. As we get ready for the third Democratic presidential debates in September, we’ll be keeping a close eye on what all the candidates are saying when it comes to the safety and future of kids. Follow us along in this journey!

Learn how you can take action to help children at the southern border!