This International Youth Day, Celebrate Kids Making a Difference

SCAN Student Ambassadors from Pennsylvania deliver petitions to Sen. Casey’s office in Pittsburgh. 

It’s August, which means that the worst of the summer heat is almost over, and it’s time for our Student Ambassadors to get back to advocating for kids at their schools!

In addition, this week was International Youth Day, and to honor that, I’m highlighting the work of our high school Student Ambassadors. Most of them aren’t yet old enough to vote but work hard to engage elected officials and candidates on issues impacting kids.

Our youngest Student Ambassadors provide fresh perspectives on our issues and participate in activities like meeting with elected officials and candidates, hosting postcard and petition drives, putting on awareness events and more. Check out some highlights from what our Student Ambassadors accomplished this past spring.

Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) clubs give high school students an introduction to the world of community organizing and political advocacy. I remember hearing from lawyers, doctors and teachers during career day back when I was in high school, but I never imagined that I would ever work in advocacy because I had never learned about these types of careers in school. The Student Ambassador Program provides an outlet for young people seeking to learn more about how they can impact politics and decision-making. Even if the students I work with don’t enter a career in politics or grassroots organizing, they still learn the tools to be advocates for issues they care about, especially issues impacting children in the U.S. and around the world.

I enjoy working with young advocates because their passion for making a positive impact is infectious. SCAN’s high school Student Ambassadors represent the next generation of leaders and change makers. With young people like them at reins, I have a bright outlook for our future!

Learn more about the Student Ambassador Program.