In it to Win it for Colorado’s 4-Year-Olds

Colorado advocates got out the vote for kids!

Colorado voters made history for kids this election season by overwhelmingly voting in favor of universal preschool. SCAN advocates played a key role in this victory!
Proposition EE, a state-wide ballot measure to secure revenue for universal preschool, passed with 68% of the vote in Colorado and carried 46 of Colorado’s 64 counties. This measure garnered overwhelming support from Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated voters alike.

With this significant victory, every 4-year-old in Colorado will have the chance to attend ten hours a week of quality, publicly-funded preschool beginning in 2023. This makes Colorado just one of five states in our nation to offer universal preschool. It transforms the early learning landscape in the state, which currently has some of the lowest funding for ECE in the nation. Thanks to SCAN advocates, and voters across the state, all Colorado children now have the chance to access quality early learning and reap the life-long benefits it offers.

SCAN advocates worked hard to win, bringing their talents, time and energy to mobilize voters in favor of Prop. EE.

Here are some highlights:

  • SCAN advocates texted 37,000 voters with messages in favor of Prop. EE.
  • SCAN advocates mailed 1,400 hand written post cards in favor of Prop. EE to Colorado voters.
  • SCAN advocates engaged nearly 600 community members and early childhood education professionals–sharing tools for volunteers to use to advocate in favor of universal preschool.
  • SCAN advocates had 11 pieces published and broadcast in media across the state.
  • SCAN advocates provided testimony for videos to educate voters about Prop. EE and the power of preschool. They reached 1 million users through digital ads.
  • SCAN’s Communications Volunteer Leader created a social media toolkit and graphics to mobilize voters in favor of Prop. EE. SCAN shared these resources with more than 4,000 Colorado supporters.

Even young children got involved to advocate for their peers. Kids helped to share coloring sheets in favor of preschool, a few wrote post cards to voters, and one child even made a video about the power of preschool!

SCAN advocates helped to mobilize voters across Colorado in favor of preschool. Proposition EE sheds a bright light on the future of early learning, and the future of Colorado’s youngest kids.

SCAN advocates in Colorado are also looking to the future, and gearing up to advocate for kids in 2021. We have a lot of work ahead, and many more victories to celebrate.

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