Here’s Why We’re Investing In Kids

At Save the Children Action Network, we have a dedicated and passionate team working hard every day to make sure children across the U.S. and around the world have a bright future. We’re always asking our volunteers what drives them to make a difference for kids, but today, we’re turning the tables around. We asked some of our staff members why THEY think it’s important to invest in kids. Here’s what they said:

“There’s nothing more important than our kids. They are our future.” – Mark Shriver, CEO of Save the Children Action Network


“Opportunity shouldn’t be determined by zip code. Every child deserves a fair and equal shot at achieving their dreams.” – Sarah Siguenza, Manager, Web and Digital


 “To give them the opportunity to write their own future.” – Mike Salamon, Associate Director of Mobilization


“Investing in kids is fundamental to our humanity. It’s part of who we are when we’re being our best selves, as individuals and as communities. ” – Stacy Andersen, Washington State Senior Coordinator

“I care about the world we’ll be leaving to future generations. Kids can benefit for years to come by our actions today.” – Julia Barfield, Manager, Federal Government Relations

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