Here’s How 2020 Inspired Supporters

Over this past challenging year, it was definitely hard at times to find motivation to do something for others. But Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) supporters kept finding inspiration to make a difference for kids!

For some advocates, it was the comradery of connecting with other people who had the same passions that moved them, even though we were meeting virtually rather than in person. For others, it was a chance to learn new skills while they were stuck at home.

In the end, our supporters gave us something to celebrate when it came to our movement for kids. This year, they cheered us on as we cheered them on!

Hear from these supporters how and why they lifted their voices for kids.


Simonne Hewett, Connecticut

“I support SCAN because they and their volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that legislators pass laws and invest in early childhood education. What’s most impressive about this organization is that their work begins at birth…This is where real, meaningful change begins.”

Sheryl Ehrman, Colorado

“I had a connection with our state representative, so we did a virtual Town Hall discussing Proposition EE. About 50 people attended that. After all of this was said and done, Proposition EE passed, so that was very exciting! Now, I’m looking at a leadership position in Colorado.”

Tiffany Welch, Iowa

“I support SCAN because they help everyday people like myself become effective and competent advocates. SCAN’s priorities fit in with my person and religious beliefs – that we should be seeking out and uplifting those who are left behind. I also love that after several years of volunteering with SCAN, that I’m still finding new ways to challenge and grow myself.”

Morgan Flanagan, South Carolina

“Over the past couple of months, I’ve had the opportunity to submit multiple letters to the editor. Recently, I had one of mine published. It’s a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I encourage you all to use your voice for kids!”

Amanda Montoya, New Mexico

“I support SCAN because they support our future, our youngest children, our next generation. Every child since birth deserves to have food, shelter and access to high-quality child care. They need our voices and through SCAN we can advocate for them and make a better future for everyone. ”


Going into a New Year, we’ll need all the support we can get from advocates and supporters like you. We have a big agenda we need Congress and the new administration to act on, and we know we can’t do it without your help. Regardless of how you make a difference, we encourage you to join our mission to invest in kids!

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