Give it up for Dads

It’s easy to lose track of time these days, especially with so much happening around us. Yet even with everything that is happening in our world right now, it’s important that we celebrate something special: Father’s Day. While we honor this day each year, this year will feel a bit different since many families may not be able to spend time together because of coronavirus. Despite these challenges, we can’t forget about the impact our dads have made in our lives.

For my brother and I, my dad has made many sacrifices to ensure we have the best opportunities available to us. He worked long hours to provide for our family, yet still found a way to make time and create new memories with each of us. One memory that sticks out to me is visiting amusement parks and the beach every summer. It was his mission each year to win me a new stuffed animal from the boardwalk games. In fact, I still have many of them locked away in storage!

To shine light on other incredible dads, I spoke with three unique advocates to learn what Father’s Day means to them and what they hope the dads around the world can pass on to future generations. Here’s what they had to say.

Kevin Rutherford, Washington State

Kevin celebrates Father’s Day with his four young children. Each year the holiday reminds him to reflect on fatherhood and the values he’s taught his kids. His goal is to raise kids who are kind, caring, honest and trustworthy. He wants his kids to know they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. Not only does he want his kids to treat everyone with respect and equality, but he hopes that the future for all kids is filled with love, happiness and equality. 

Pictured: Kevin with three of his four children.
Pictured: Kevin with one of his daughters.








Pictured: Ian on the left with his husband on the right.

Ian Schiefelbein, New Mexico

Growing up in the Midwest, Ian has fond memories of celebrating Father’s Day with his dad at the annual town fair. One of the many things he is grateful of is how his dad taught him to carry himself with dignity and pride. Now that Ian is married, he says he has learned a lot about the sacrifices and compromises that it takes it build a family. He hopes one day to instill the values of kindness, compassion and giving back to his own kids. As for the future of kids around the world, he hopes all children have access to the resources they need to thrive.




Pictured: Aaron on the left with his dad on the right.

Aaron Thomas, South Carolina

One of Aaron’s favorite memories with his dad is going to an annual family event and taking trips to Myrtle Beach each year. Over the years, Aaron has seen his relationship with his dad grow and morph into something much bigger. He says they have conversations at a larger scale talking about all things related to religion, politics and family values. He hopes that for kids in the future, they have opportunities that let them have fun while being responsible.






As we all take some time to honor the dads in our life, we’d like to thank fathers around the world for stepping up and being a role model for their kids and for kids around them.

Three cheers to all the dads!